Awasser Animal Nutrition

We are an Iraqi company headquartered in Erbil and Baghdad and we have stores in Erbil, Hilla and Diyala

We operate in all parts of Iraq and have exclusive agencies for German Premix for (poultry , layer , Cows and sheep)   products and European sterilizer companies (stalosan F)


Broiler Prime VOLOFOSS

Broiler Prime 2.5% VOLOFOSS - GERMANY

Broiler prime 2.5% VOLOFOSS - GERMANY   - 311 Broiler 2.5% for starter .-312 Broiler 2.5% for Grower and Finisher

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Stalosan F for poultryStalosan F has many advantages in poultry productions including control of different pathogenic microorganisms and neutralization of harmful substances in bedding and air. In this…

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Layer Premix

Layer Premix 2.5%

For Layers  in the production stage:-Stander 69014 .-super 69027 .

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Ruminants Premix

Ruminants Premix 2.5%

Premix for Ruminants :-Sheep-

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- General Manager

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